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Shahid Chamran Hospital of Isfahan

Chamran Heart Hospital:

Shahid Chamran heart hospital is located in the eastern part of Isfahan city, 5 km from Bozorgmehr bridge, on Salman Farsi Street. This building was used in August 1969 to serve tuberculosis patients, and in 1976, according to the decision of the Ministry of Health at that time, that these patients should not be separated from other patients after the start of treatment, in addition to the opening of general departments, the first core of the heart surgery department was formed with the presence of two heart surgery specialists named Dr. Mohammad Ali Nafisi from Iran and Dr. Lasman from America and the presence of two assistants named Dr. Ismaiel Noormohammadi and Dr. Gholamreza Behdadfar. In 1983, due to the presence of a large number of injured people of the imposed war who suffered burns, and the lack of a special center to provide services to burn patients, burn treatment departments were also added to this hospital, which in addition to the war wounded and patients of the province, also covered the patients of the south and southwest regions of the country. Since 1985, with the beginning of the presidency of Professor. Masoud Poormoghadas at the Shahid Chamran Educational and Therapeutic Center, the evolution of this center and its transformation into a comprehensive specialized center for the treatment of cardiac patients gained significant speed. In 1991, Professor Farzaneh established an equipped angiography department in the hospital, and in 2016, the headship of Shahid Chamran Heart Training Center was handed over to Dr. Gholamreza Masoumi with his follow-up and opinion. Dr. Poormoghadas is a Cardiologist and has a degree in interventional cardiology from the University of London. he is currently the head of the angiography department of Chamran Hospital. He is also a member of the Academy of Sciences, a member of the academic board and the board of trustees and the audit board of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. This virtuous, committed and lover of Imam and leadership has responsibilities such as vice-chancellor of education, vice-chancellor of university research, head of medical and pharmacy faculties and head of Hazrat Ali Asghar Hospital. This hospital is serving the society with 224 active beds with a bed occupancy rate of 82.24% and an average of 4.13 days with all specialized and super-specialized facilities in the field of cardiology.

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