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Alisadr Cave
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Alisadr Cave:

Alisadr Cave is one of the significant tourist attractions in our country, located in the city of Hamedan. This wetland cave is one of the most special caves in the world that you can visit by boat.

This is a wonderful place to travel by boat inside the cave, and apart from the special beauty of this cave, the location of boating in it has also made Alisadr one of the top tourist attractions in Iran.

It is interesting to know that this cave history back nearly 140 million years ago, i.e., the Jurassic period, and that is enough to hold your breath for visiting this tourist attraction in Hamedan.

The beautiful and unique Alisadr cave is a multi-million-year-old cave and you will find yourself in a mysterious and imaginary world, where everything is different from what you see on earth. On the way to this cave, you will pass through many twists and turns, and in each of them, a wonderful creature is expected to appear and surprise all the tourists.

After passing through the initial turns, you will reach the next tracks, which are more open and the long stalactite will also attract your attention. You may go up to the 1,250-meter path of the cave or prefer a longer tour, visiting the 4,000-meter path that goes deep into it.

As you make your way through the cave, you will notice rocks of various shapes that have been given names throughout history. For example, you can see a stone that looks like an eagle's claw, and the guide explains to you that this stone is an eagle's claw. In the same way, we have Two-headed lion, and somewhere ahead, we reach a bunch of grapes. There is also a stone in this cave that is similar to the name of Allah and is considered one of the special wonders of Alisadr Hamedan.


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DAY 1: Tour in Alisadr Cave


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