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Fereydoon Shahr
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FereydounShahr Ski resort:

The cold winters of Isfahan make enjoyable times for snow lovers. This track has a 35% slope due to its location in the heights of Choghyort Village and is the only standard resort in Isfahan city.

Of course, in some places we see a 70% slope that some people use for skiing. The height of this track is 2,630 meters from sea level and in some areas it reaches 3,000 meters. In addition to being a recreational place, this track is also considered one of the tourist attractions of Isfahan city.

The address of Isfahan Fereydounshahr ski resort is Isfahan-Aligudarz Road, Fereydoun Shahr junction, after Ferydoun Shahr city, Fereydounshahr road to Sibak, Choghyort village road junction.

It is true that you have to choose cold seasons to go to Fereydonshahr ski resort, but spending a snowy fun day with your family in early April can bring you an attractive holiday. But in general, to visit this recreational area, you should add the period from autumn to early spring to your to-do list.


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DAY 1: Fereydoon Fereydoon Shahr


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