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Maranjab Desert
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Maranjab desert:

The desert is one of the tourist attractions of Iran. There is a beautiful desert called Maranjab in Isfahan province. This desert is located 720 km from Isfahan and in the north of the cities of Aran va Bidgol.

This natural desert is a part of Kashan and one of the sightseeing places of Kashan and a part of Aran and Bidgol cities.

Maranjab desert is one of the main hubs of desert tourism in Iran and the best option for desert trekking for tourists and nature lovers.

Maranjab desert is connected to the salt Lake from the north, to the desert national park from the east, to Aran city from the south, and to the Hoz-e Soltan Salt Lake from the west.

Every year, many tourists from different cities of Iran and the world travel to Maranjab desert for desert exploration and stargazing and enjoy the nature of this area.

Also, tourists who travel to Maranjab desert can visit the historical sights of Kashan city because Maranjab desert is located near this city.

There are various hobbies in Maranjab desert, such as: camel riding, night tour, walking on long and smooth sand, safari, four-wheel motorcycle riding, stargazing, etc.

It is interesting to know that the sand dunes of Maranjab desert have a special slope, that is why sandboarding has been added to the other activities of Maranjab desert.

Another name for sandboarding is sand skiing, which is one of the hobbies in desert areas.

Our suggestion is not to miss the joy of floating on the sand dunes.


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DAY 1: Travel to Maranjab Desert


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