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Margoon waterfall:

In the list of spring waterfalls of the world, the name of Margoon is in the first place. This waterfall is the highest spring waterfall in the world and even in the peak of heat its water temperature is less than 10 degrees Celsius! Waterfalls are usually rivers that flow from the heights into a valley, but the water of this waterfall comes from springs in the heart of the mountain and falls to the ground.

Margoon waterfall is about 70 meters high and 100 meters wide. For the comfort of tourists, parking, restrooms and gazebos have been built in the area around this waterfall.

Factors such as greenery, abundance of water and height above sea level have caused this region to have a low average temperature. If you go to Margoon Falls in late autumn and winter, you will feel very cold around it, which may discourage you from this area. Of course, in winter, icicles are made next to the waterfall. These icicles bring beauty to the waterfall, which is worth watching.


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DAY 1: Tour in Margon


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