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Normal pregnancy depends on various factors and conditions in case of any disorder in any of which the chance of fertility is decreased or even may go to zero. Infertility is one of the unwanted life phenomena that have been recently increased. A couple who couldn’t have a baby after a year of having sex without contraception, are considered infertile. All things needed couples know about fertility treatment in Iran are described in this post.

There are different methods of treating infertility which can help infertile couples and give them a chance to have a baby. Iran is one of the leading countries in the region and in the world in the field of infertility treatment, therefore many couples choose fertility Treatment in Iran for infertility treatment.

Several advanced research institutes and hospitals, including the Royan Research Center and Ibn Sina Infertility Center in Tehran, provide infertility treatment services to both local and international patients. Moreover, other fertility services such as determination of embryo sex (determining of gender) are offered in these centers as well for peoples who choose fertility treatment in Iran.

We are providing you in Hayat Medtour agency, the most effective infertility treatments at the appropriate prices through the knowledge and valuable experiences of physicians and our colleagues in treatment centers.

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