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Medical Laboratories

The field of medical laboratories, also known as clinical laboratories or medical analysis, combines chemistry and biology. Laboratory scientists use biological techniques and equipment to analyze a variety of biological samples of patients, such as urine, blood, and tissues by using advanced equipment. They assist doctors in diagnosing and treating diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, and others.

Tasks of a laboratory specialist include:

Examining and analyzing the chemical composition of bodily fluids.

Identifying microorganisms and determining whether they are harmful or not.

Examining tissues and cells.

Measuring drug levels in the blood to evaluate the effectiveness of treatments.

Ensuring quality control of tests in laboratories.

Operating, maintaining, and repairing medical devices.

Using modern technology to accurately record data.

The work field of medical laboratories includes hospitals, scientific research clinics, pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies, blood banks, and veterinary clinics.

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