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Islamic Azad University Isfahan (Najafabad)

About Islamic Azad University Isfahan (Najafabad)

Islamic Azad University of Najaf Abad

Islamic Azad University, Najafabad Branch, located twenty kilometers from Isfahan city, currently hosts more than 25,000 students in 250 fields of study at bachelor’s, master’s, professional doctorate and specialized doctorate degrees. Presenting 572 research projects, 5645 articles in international forums, registering 181 inventions and 5 foreign inventions, winning gold and silver medals for inventions registered in international invention exhibitions in Switzerland, England and Malaysia are the research honors of this university.


Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Theology and Islamic Studies, Law and Political Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Sciences, Administrative Sciences and Economics, Educational Sciences and Psychology, Mathematical Sciences, Sports Sciences, Agriculture, Architecture and Urban Design, Natural Resources and Environment, Engineering


Bachelor’s 8 semesters, Master’s 4 semesters, PhD 8 semesters.

Academic calendar

This university has two admissions per year, in October (Mehr) is the first semester and in February (Bahman) is the second semester.

Required Documents for University Registration

Bachelor’s Degree: Preparatory Certificate, Passport Copy, Personal Photo

Master’s Degree: Bachelor’s Degree Certificate in English, Passport Copy, Personal Photo

Doctorate Degree: Master’s Degree Certificate with Grades in English, Curriculum Vitae (CV), Proposed Thesis Title, Recommendation Letter(s) from Previous Academic Stage Professors, Personal Photo.

About International Student Installments

The tuition fees for non-Iranian students residing in Iran, who have been accepted through the Sanjesh website, are calculated similarly to those of Iranian students and are collected in Iranian Rials.

The tuition fees for non-Iranian students residing in Iran, who have been accepted through the fstudent system, are calculated at 1.5 times the tuition fees for Iranian students and are collected in Iranian Rials.

Tuition fees for non-Iranian students who are not residents, accepted through the fstudent system, are payable in US Dollars.

The student and welfare facilities of this university are

– Dormitory complex for men, with all amenities, high-speed internet, study hall, mosque, etc.

– Women’s dormitory complex with all amenities such as mosque, high-speed internet, study hall, etc.

Dormitory capacity of 1400 people for the welfare of students, the central mosque of the university, Central self-service and restaurant, Eight special buffet buildings for students, Bookshop, Puria Vali and Takhti sports complexes, special halls for futsal, volleyball, basketball, standard swimming pool, gym, ancient sports, wrestling and so on, turf field and outdoor sports complex of Puria Vali, with a two-field track with a special platform for spectators and a changing room, 3 square meters of sports space for each student.

Majors of this university

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