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Kermanshah University

About Kermanshah University

General description of the university

Razi University was established in February 1972 in the city of Kermanshah, which is one of the regions with a good climate in the west of the country, under the title of Faculty of Science by Dr. Abdul Ali Gooya and at the beginning of the academic year 1972, it started its work by accepting 200 students in four fields of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics. Later, Razi University was developed with the establishment of Kermanshah Medical College, Sanandaj teacher training center and Ilam Animal Husbandry College, and after the revolution, mentioned faculties were separated from Razi University and continued to operate under the titles of Kermanshah Medical Sciences Universities, Kurdistan University and Ilam University. Razi University has 17 faculties and campuses of agriculture and natural resources, and by using the knowledge and expertise of 31 professors, 122 associate professors, 277 assistant professors, 13 instructors and a total of 443 faculty members in 57 educational groups and about 12 thousand students in four associate, bachelor, master and professional doctorates (general) and specialized doctorates continue to operate.


Faculty of Basic Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, Faculty of Technical and Engineering, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Chemistry, Islamabad Faculty of Technology and Engineering, Javanrood Faculty of Management and Accounting, Saqqez Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Science and Modern Technologies, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Engineering, Campus of Agriculture and Natural Resources.


Bachelor’s 8 semesters

Master’s 4 semesters

PhD 8 semesters.

Academic calendar

This university has two admissions per year, in October (Mehr) is the first semester and in February (Bahman) is the second semester.

Required Documents for University Registration

Bachelor’s Degree: Preparatory Certificate, Passport Copy, Personal Photo

Master’s Degree: Bachelor’s Degree Certificate in English, Passport Copy, Personal Photo

Doctorate Degree: Master’s Degree Certificate with Grades in English, Curriculum Vitae (CV), Proposed Thesis Title, Recommendation Letter(s) from Previous Academic Stage Professors, Personal Photo.

Persian language course

The educational courses of this center are based on the basic (introductory) course, and this course includes about 250 hours, which are held in two periods of 62 sessions with 20 hours of training per week. The training calendar can be changed at the discretion of the working group members. Continuation courses are also held if needed or requested by the students.

University services

This university has food complex and dormitory for men and women. The sports complex of the university provides sports programs in many sports fields. It also has a health center and a counseling center for students. This university has specialized libraries and research labs in 6 fields.

Majors of this university

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