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Writing is a bridge between people, through which thoughts, feelings and ideas are transferred to each other. All of us have a hand in writing and we do part of our daily work such as letters, reports, essays at school, etc by writing. But what is the difference between a professional writer and someone who writes? Writing has different definitions from different people’s point of view. Some people consider the writing as a full-time job where nothing else should be done except writing. Some people refer to people who earn money from writing as writers. But who is the author indeed? Anyone who writes and loves to write is a writer; Whether has a book to print or not.

The writer’s art is the continuity in his work; the love and interest that writer uses in lines and words to put what he has in mind on paper. The creative writer creates works with innovation and effort. Writing is a skill that is acquired through repetition and persistence. This ability will help you improve your work even if you are not a writer. Writing is a flexible and practical job.

Shahid Beheshti University and University of Arts present this field.

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