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Art University of Isfahan

About Art University of Isfahan

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General description of the university

Art university of Isfahan, as a center of higher education in art fields in Isfahan province, was established in 1995 under the name of Paradise Art University with the aim of training specialists in the field of preservation and maintenance of historical works and places and as the first higher education center in Iran in the field of restoration, accepted the graduates of the undergraduate courses in archeology, painting, interior architecture, construction, chemistry and textile as students of the master’s degree in restoration of historical building and  in restoration of historical monuments. This faculty, which was one of the faculties of Farabi University in its first period of activity, was closed after the second period of student recruitment, at the same time as the Islamic Revolution, and reopened after the Cultural Revolution in 1983. Over time and after many years of activity in art education, this faculty gradually expanded until in 2000, by presenting five courses in the bachelor’s degree in visual arts and architecture, one course in the continuous master’s degree in architecture and two courses in Continuous master’s degree in restoration and absorption of physical facilities and educational equipment played a role as Art university of Isfahan. Art university of Isfahan is one of the richest universities in Iran in terms of benefiting from an ideal artistic environment due to the presence of valuable historical buildings.

جولة إفتراضية جامعة فنون أصفهان ( Art University of Isfahan

Required Documents for University Registration

Bachelor’s Degree: Preparatory Certificate, Passport Copy, Personal Photo

Master’s Degree: Bachelor’s Degree Certificate in English, Passport Copy, Personal Photo

Doctorate Degree: Master’s Degree Certificate with Grades in English, Curriculum Vitae (CV), Proposed Thesis Title, Recommendation Letter(s) from Previous Academic Stage Professors, Personal Photo.


art and entrepreneurship research, conservation and restoration, crafts, architecture and urban design, visual arts.


Bachelor’s 8 semesters, Master’s 4 semesters, PhD 8 semesters.

Academic calendar

This university has two admissions per year, in October (Mehr) is the first semester and in February (Bahman) is the second semester.

University services

This university has single dormitory, counseling center, campus sports complex (aerobic hall, gym, ping pong, tennis), sports entertainment services, intra-university and public sports competitions, signing contracts with sports clubs and institutions.

Majors of this university

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