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The field of Graphic design is one of the fields that are taught in technical Highschools and universities, and due to the variety of branches that this field has, an educated person can start working in different fields if she/he has creativity and perseverance. Graphic design is a visual language. The use of signs, symbols, lines and curves along with balanced and calculated colors contains a world of letters and meaning. A person who chooses graphics in conveying his thoughts spreads speed, catchiness and permanence on a wide level. Having a good community spirit familiarizes students to different tastes and makes them more successful than others when it comes to using designs, colors and symbols.

Universities with Graphic design courses:

Universities of Art, Tehran, College of Fine Arts, Al-Zahra, Shariaty Technical College, and the most popular universities in this field outside of Tehran are Isfahan, Shiraz, and Tabriz universities.

Universities of this major

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