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Iran University of Medical Sciences

About Iran University of Medical Sciences

Iran University of Medical Sciences

Iran University of Medical Sciences is one of the universities that has a high position and level in national and international rankings. Iran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services (IUMS) is one of the universities of medical sciences in the neighborhood of Milad Tower in Tehran. Some of the country’s first scientific successes, such as the first successful cochlear implant surgery, the first fully endoscopic ear surgery, re-autograft of the ovary after completing the chemotherapy, etc., have taken place in this university. In the first Times impact ranking in 2019, this university was ranked first in the country and ranked 41st in the world.


Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Theology and Islamic Studies, Law and Political Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Sciences, Administrative Sciences and Economics, Educational Sciences and Psychology, Mathematical Sciences, Sports Sciences, Agriculture, Architecture and Urban Design, Natural Resources and Environment, Engineering


Bachelor’s 8 semesters, Master’s 4 semesters, PhD 8 semesters.

Academic calendar

This university has two admissions per year, in October (Mehr) is the first semester and in February (Bahman) is the second semester.

Required Documents for University Registration

Bachelor’s Degree: Preparatory Certificate, Passport Copy, Personal Photo

Master’s Degree: Bachelor’s Degree Certificate in English, Passport Copy, Personal Photo

Doctorate Degree: Master’s Degree Certificate with Grades in English, Curriculum Vitae (CV), Proposed Thesis Title, Recommendation Letter(s) from Previous Academic Stage Professors, Personal Photo.

The central library of this university is known as the best academic library of the Ministry of Health and the National Medical Library of Iran. This library is located in the form of an eight-story tower on the eastern side of the central campus of the university (Hemmat campus). Some of the honors of this university include:

• Providing medical and health services

• Training students in various fields of medical and paramedical sciences

• Organizing various seminars and conferences in the fields of medical and paramedical sciences

• Translation and authoring of books and publications in various fields of medical sciences

• Carrying out scientific and clinical activities in various fields of medical and paramedical sciences

• Communicating with internal and foreign universities through cultural and academic contracts

•  The highest article production rate per faculty in the Ministry of Health

Majors of this university

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