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Isfahan University

About Isfahan University

Isfahan University

Isfahan University is the first and largest university in the central and southern region of Iran and one of the top 10 universities in Iran as a continuation of Sheikh Bahai’s masterpiece (Chaharbagh School) from Safavid era. The 6th rank of comprehensive universities and the 10th rank of the ISC ranking system in 2023, reaching to the 2nd rank in creating research infrastructure among the country’s universities in 1399-1400 and participating and cooperating in the international research project of the European Union on the topic of “Investment attraction chain for Defining new uses of the cultural heritage of important cities of the world” under the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union, are some of the honors of Isfahan University. Isfahan University is one of the 5 leading universities of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in the field of internationalization.

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Persian language course

The Persian course is suitable for people who intend to study in Iranian universities. In this course, in addition to learning the Persian language, the specialized courses of each field are taught to the applicants in the form of academic Persian education. Classes are planned based on the four main skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. A semester of University Persian learning course is formed in the form of 16 educational weeks. In this course, Persian language learners are taught twenty hours a week.


Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Theology and Islamic Studies, Law and Political Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Sciences, Administrative Sciences and Economics, Educational Sciences and Psychology, Mathematical Sciences, Sports Sciences, Agriculture, Architecture and Urban Design, Natural Resources and Environment, Engineering


Bachelor’s 8 semesters, Master’s 4 semesters, PhD 8 semesters.

Academic calendar

According to the academic calendar of Iranian universities, usually the first half of the year starts from the beginning of October (Mehr) and the second half of the year starts from the second half of February (Bahman). But, the start of classes may be held a week earlier or later depending on the occasion and the academic calendar of the university. Also, one week is considered for study before the exams and one or two weeks for the gap between two semesters.

Welfare facilities

The facilities of Isfahan University can be divided into three categories: welfare, cultural and sports facilities. Isfahan University’s dormitories department is under the supervision of the vice president of student culture, which has been able to accommodate about 50 thousand students in its dormitories. The dormitory units for accommodation of male and female students have self-service facilities and student restaurants with subsidized prices. In order to balance between work and studies and sports activities, the Department of Physical Education of Isfahan University has considered educational and sports programs for students, such as performing public sports, sports competitions and etc.

Majors of this university

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